About Us

We are planning on becoming a site that will introduce the Oriental Medicine to all of the world.

The Philosophy of Traditional Eastern medicine seeks to create harmony between human life and all of the nature.

In Oriental philosophy, a human is thought be a micro-universe. In order to understand the concept of micro universe, we must understand vast eastern medicine theories, which Herbforyou will strive to provide.

Harmony between natural enviroment and human is an absolute necessity in survival of human race. Hence, due to many environmental and social problems of today, many of us are seeking solutions to achieving this balance.

This brings us to the question: "What is the most nature-friendly treatment?"

According to "Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Empeor's classic-Sue Wen)" a moral doctrine of Medicine, in order to teach many, without any doubt and for ages to come, One must understand the heaven (astronomical phenomenas) in upper, earth in the lower, and person in the center.

Therefore, it is our philosophy and goal to inform and provide updated informations for all those who wish to learn about Oriental Medicine.

We sincerely wish that you will join us in spreading greatness of Oriental Medicine by sharing ideas and knowleges with those interested in Oriental Medicine.